Fruchocs, Frog Cakes and The Big Rocking Horse – they’re all as South Aussie as it gets and without a doubt, they’re Heaps Good – but we think our local range of gin, whisky, vodka and liqueurs are heaps better!

1857 Distillery & Gin Bar

Here in the 1857 Distillery Bar you will find the best selection of spirits, all made in South Australia, proudly by South Australian distilleries.

Too many options (hey, there’s no such thing!)?

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices, why not sample the best by grabbing one of our gin paddles featuring three unique South Australian gins paired with award winning Capi tonic water.

You’ll also get a taste of history while you’re at it– we got the name of our bar from the year our historic pub started operating, and the year in which the classic stone work that features throughout our venue was created – pretty neat, hey!